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Rebel Rooster Ultimate 1-2-3 Kit (Unscented)


  • Complete conditioning kit for your shooting bag.
  • Works best on natural fabrics such as canvas.
  • Easy to apply.

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Canada’s supplier for The Rebel Rooster Ultimate 1-2-3 Kit which includes the Rebel Rooster Cleaner, Rebel Rooster Pre-Wax, Rebel Rooster Bag Wax (Scented or Unscented), Cleaning Brush, and Shop Towel.  This is everything you need for the perfectly waxed bag!

***We cannot overemphasize that a tiny amount of this pre-wax goes a long way.  One side of a bag should take no more than the amount of 2 grains of rice to completely cover.  If the bag glistens or feels slick at all after coverage, it will take more coats of wax to achieve the effect you are seeking.

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