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FortKnight Optics 338 Free Range Shooting Glasses


  • Exclusively featuring FrontSight HD lenses by ZEISS
  • Lightweight Polymer Frames
  • Extreme Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-Fog Ventilation
  • Premium ANSI Z87.1 Impact Protection for Your Eyes

Best Fit for Medium / Large Face Shapes.

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You’re already spending a fortune putting high-quality optics on your firearm, don’t settle for less between your optics and your eye. With 70% greater optical clarity over standard eyewear, these anti-fog lightweight shooting glasses were created for the shooting community that won’t settle for less.

Our exclusive FrontSight HD lenses by ZEISS are specially designed polarized lenses that:

  • Won’t Dim Electronics or Illuminated Reticles – No more blacked out screens
  • No Rainbows When Looking Through Glass – Precision clarity in shooting optics
  • Up to 80% higher visual contrast over standard polarization – See targets faster

It’s a fact: Clarity matters when it comes to identifying threats, getting on target faster, and getting accurate hits downrange.

The perfect addition to your range or EDC bag.

Best Fit for Medium / Large Face Shapes.

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